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Wedding & Engagement Watches as Gifts for Him

How to make a successful appearance on the big day?

Well, if you are searching for luxury engagement posts, then you have landed on the right page. We have selected some of the best luxury engagement watches for men, which you can give your soul mate on the auspicious day of your engagement or wedding. A wedding is typically one of the most significant days in a person's life and will always be a memorable occasion. Inevitably, this day must be perfect. While it is unfortunately impossible to influence elements such as the weather, other factors such as the caterer, the venue and the outfits are meticulously planned.

 At least one pair of eyes closely monitors every little detail. An object, such as the groom's wristwatch, gifted by the bride should not attract negative attention. Therefore, here are some tips, and some of the listed watch designs that help you avoid this kind of fashion faux pas, from the engagement to the wedding altar. 

A Watch as an Engagement Gift

While the bride usually receives a ring for her engagement, the groom usually leaves empty-handed. That is why in recent years, there has been a trend to also give something to the future husband as an engagement gift. And what could be more appropriate than a beautiful luxury watch? In fact, it is becoming more and more common for a man to receive a watch as an engagement gift. It is not only about showing that he deserved something beautiful and luxurious, but also symbolically representing love. This is a beautiful gesture expressing love and affection for each other because, after all, a luxury watch will accompany you all your life - just like the engagement ring. It, therefore, makes sense to opt for quality here so that your future spouse can enjoy his engagement gift for a long time.

Are watches typically given as engagement presents?

The trend of giving a man a gift for his engagement is not so old. Although in Asia and the Middle East, it is customary for the families of the future spouses to give each other gifts and celebrate this special moment together, the groom generally takes a back seat in the Western world.

 While the idea of ​​a woman giving a luxury watch to her lover after their engagement is relatively recent, the trend of giving an engagement gift to the man remains strong, unlike other short-lived fashions. A watch, for example, with a personal engraving on the case back, is not just a thoughtful act of kindness but also a unique gift that a man will cherish and put on each day of his life.

Which watch to choose as an engagement gift for men

If you want to buy a luxury watch as an engagement gift, we will be happy to help you choose the right model. But before we reveal the best watches for engagement gifts, we'd like to give you some tips that will simplify your search for the right watch.

  1. Opt for a classic and elegant design. Just like the engagement ring, the watch can, of course, stand out a bit. However, it is advantageous to choose a model that is not too extravagant so that the watch can be worn at the wedding without overshadowing the bride and groom.
  2. Keep the tastes and style preferences of the gift recipient in mind. For example, if he is sportier, a classic chronograph might be the perfect gift. Do you know what colours of metal the future owner prefers for belt buckles and cufflinks? Then it is best to choose the material of the watch to match; indeed, the correct size of the watch is an important element.
  3. Stick to your budget, and do not exceed your financial limits! It is obvious that you want to give the love of your life the best, but you must not forget that the upcoming wedding will also cost a lot of money. Before buying a watch, be sure to set a price limit that you will not exceed.

A Selection of Models for Him:

For sure, the initial thing to keep in mind is that one must have to find a suitable watch as a gift. There are a number of brands which have a high reputation in the market and are timeless classics whose quality of manufacture is the best. Indeed, from small models for slender wrists to a little large watch for broad wrists, each of the watches featured impresses with class and elegance and would make an exceptional engagement gift for a man. 


When it comes to a gift for your partner, then for sure, you have to pick one of the best. Something special for your special one, and indeed Frank Muller is one of the most well-known and eminent watch brands which combines elegance with prestige. The Frank Muller watch model V 45 T GR CS SQT (NR) is one of its own kind. This watch is the amalgamation of simplicity and grace. This watch has leather straps that call for a minimal design, but the gold rim with edgy curves gives it a touch of decency along with elegance. 


If your soul mate is a fan of chained watch straps, then this design will prove the best for your soul mate. As this is a classic design, which has a golden black dial, and the rim is centred with the Versace watch logo, which is the main highlight of the watch. The black and golden colour calls for a very bold design that will go perfectly with a dominant and strong personality. Not just this, but the Greca Pattern allows the watch to look more attractive. 


A classic watch, which turns out a fine taste for your fiancée. A broad chain strap with a sapphire blue dial becomes the centre of attention. The minimal dial makes it elegant. This has crystals engraved in it that make it look decent and expensive. The broad style of the watch and the colour of the dial gives the watch a little vintage look with elegance. Those who have a little vintage taste can opt for such a luxury watch. 


A unique novel design that is made with Crocodile Skin. This watch has a unique colour that is the taste of rare people but will outshine one's personality. The rim and dial of the watch are designed by adding two winding wheels, which gives it a stylish look which a spice of colour. In fact, the style of the watch is a perfect present for those who have bold personalities. 


This is a masterpiece of one of the Louis Moinet watches named "Mars." This is one of the best watches that is specifically for explicit taste. This watch has Alligator skin brown straps that show a resemblance to the silver dial. The dial of this watch has bronze in its dial, which gives it an edgy design that has a rotating side structure. This is pure beauty for youngsters and one of the elegant gifts for your soul mate. Louis Moinet, limited editions and exclusive Swiss watches at Hanif jewellers present the Louis Moinet watches price in Pakistan with all exclusive watch designs, especially for engagement and wedding designs. 


This Carl F. Bucherer watch is a great gift for your fiancée as it is a simple but elegant design, which has a very soft blue colour. It is a premium addition which has a very soothing effect on the eyes. It has sapphire engraved into the sides of the dial, which makes it a premium look. The dial of the watch is medium size and is suitable for all tastes. The minimalistic design of the watch makes it a very graceful and sophisticated watch to gift your partner on your engagement. So to get Carl F. Bucherer watches for men from Hanif Jewellers – as we provide a good range of Carl F. Bucherer watch prices in Pakistan.


The watch of Graham makes one feel nostalgic as it has some old designs incorporated into it. The main highlight of the watch is its dial, which has golden rims. The casing of the watch is bronze and has a unique casing which takes one back to the old days. This watch can be a perfect gift for those who have vintage taste. This watch can turn out to be one of the best heritage collections. The bronze ring and the leather straps make the appearance of the watch look unique. 


A watch which is simple but gives a premium feel is, in fact, this model. As this is a classy, stunning galvanic grey that makes the watch look more fascinating. The inner interior of the dial is a little enhanced, which makes the watch look intriguing. The colour of the dial and the straps go along. This is one of the best presents to give your fiancée. 


If you want a different but exclusive design for your partner, then for sure, this is one of the best designs for you to choose, as this has an edgy, sharp look but is sleek in design. It has a cubic shape, and leather straps, which make it very appear very edgy. It has a very premium design that makes it very realistic. It has a white dial which makes the golden needles and logo much more prominent. This is one of the best engagement watches to give to your fiancée. So, stop searching Cuervo Y Sobrinos watch price as Hanif Jewelers is for your convince; get a precious present on a special occasion for your friends and family.


 If your fiancée loves intricate designs, then this is indeed a perfect design for him. The intricate but modern design has an engraved rim on the dial. Not just this, but the design of the dial is, in fact, a mixture of an old and new taste. Artya watches have a vintage style rim, but the inner dial is very according to the contemporary genre. It has leather straps that give it a nice modern look. 


The best watch for those who have a strong love for black. This watch has a black strap with a black dial. The dial has affixed crystals, which enhance and beautify the watch to make it appear much more luxurious. Its smoked neo-vintage dial, its broad style and the leather buckles give it a premium look. The granite colour, which gives the shade of black as well as a touch of grey, makes it look much more unique and exceptional. 


The wristwatch portrays the personality of a person, and thus choosing an engagement watch for your partner is a challenging task. If you want to choose a simple yet daily wear watch, then for sure, this is the best article for your fiancée. This is an elegant blue design, which makes the watch appear very beautiful and elegant. The silver rim of the watch gives a great colour contrast to the royal blue colour, and the simple and serene dial becomes a beauty that enhances excellence. 

EPOS – 3391.832.20.16.30

How dreamy it can be when you gift your fiancée a watch that makes him feel like he is viewing the sky. Well, this watch of EPOS is a mater piece and is known for its mesmerizing appearance. The chained silver watch makes your eye stick to the blue dial that portrays the stars in the sky. The night view is designed in the watch to show the delicacy. 


A sporty watch for your fiancée is the Swiss Military's watch SM34067-07. This model is designed for those who are sports lovers. It's a luxury watch that calls attention towards that sporty dial. The silver rim and the black dial with prominent figures give it a very sporty vibe. The crown (side knobs) are also shaped in such a way that they make the watch appear very dominant on the wrist. 


Blue is the classic colour for boys as it goes with everything and becomes men. The basic colour is blue and silver, which makes it an elegant choice. The diamonds affixed to the dial make it look much more sophisticated. The design of the watch is luxurious but very delicate. This can also be considered a unisex watch. 


Who never needs a watch that speaks for their personality? This watch of TISSOT is indeed a Powermatic watch. The shape, size and colour of the dial are an emblem of decency. This dial is designed with a crystal dome. Its stone grey-silver colour fits men's personalities well. This watch is not just named "Powermatic", but indeed, it is as holds a very magnificent appearance. Hence, Hanif jewellers present official Tissot watches, so to get one for your loved one, get to know the Tissot watch prices in Pakistan from the website of Hanif jewellers. 

 To sum up, before you commit to a purchase, it is important to become familiar with all the different luxury watch brands available. In Lahore, some of the most popular brands are Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega, Cartier and Breitling. Do your research to understand what each one has to offer, and choose the brand that best fits your budget and style. Shop the best for your partner. If you want to have a look at all the brands, then do visit the site of Hanif Jewellers and get what you are looking for your soul mate.

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