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ArtyA Purity Tourbillon

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Beauty and Purity on your wrist

To those already acquainted with Yvan Arpa’s pioneering craftsmanship, it will not come as a surprise to discover the amount of reflection and inventiveness that has gone into creating the ArtyA Purity Tourbillon. This new addition to the ArtyA’s Complication Collection features a fully transparent crystal case in order to maximize the magic and beauty of the exclusive Double Barrel Manufacture Flying Tourbillon movement.

Technical Specifications:

- ArtyA Exclusive Double Barrel Tourbillon
- An incredible skeletonized design, with a skeletonization
to the extreme: minimalist and pure.
- Very high chronometric reliability due to the torque of the double barrels
4 H -- much higher than most existing tourbillons, providing stability
- The Tourbillon is 50% bigger than most of the other brands, with a diameter of 16.2 mm
- Movement already successfully tested
- Hour, Minutes, Seconds on flying tourbillon
- Power reserve: 70h

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